Fun on Facebook

Some kind soul recently directed me to a Facebook page called 'Mortal Engines is a Work of Genius' , on which a group of highly intelligent, discerning and frankly gorgeous people discuss the finer points of the books. (No doubt there are other forums out there called things like 'Mortal Engines is a Load of Old Pants', but you'll have to find them for yourselves.)
The Facebook page also features this splendid painting by Christian Bravery, who sounds like a character from Pilgrim's Progress but is actually a very talented conceptual artist. I love the sense of light and space in his vision of a city ploughing its way across the Hunting Ground. It's eerily like the images I had in my mind when I wrote the opening chapters of Mortal Engines. He also did the pictures on the right of Hester and Anna Fang, who don't look quite as I'd imagined them (Anna's going to catch her death in that outfit! ). But never mind; it's good to see other people interpreting the characters in their own ways.

You can find more of Christian's work on his website,