A Web of Air - The Trailer

A Web of Air should soon be in the shops, and above, as you've probably noticed, is a brand new video trailer which I've had made to mark its arrival. I'd like to claim that it's the first movie I've directed since my old no-budget movie-making days, but I didn't really have that much to do with it; I just handed a bunch of likely looking images to Ian Forster, who designs this blog, and said, "I kind of want this sorta thing..." And here it is, looking much better than anything I could have come up with.

You can see more of Ian's work, and get him to design blogs, websites and trailers for you, by clicking on the link to Graphic Alchemy on the side of this page. The photos in the trailer were mostly taken by Sarah, and there's a brief glimpse of a scary-looking biomechanical tentacle thingy designed by Justin Hill, and another of some cogs and gears drawn by Sam Weber. 'Fever' is being portrayed by Sophia Oppel, a friend of the WOME and daughter of Kenneth Oppel, author of top-notch airship adventures for the discerning reader as well as many other things. If you haven't yet read his book Airborn and its sequels then you probably should; he spins a good tale, and he knows and cares how airships work, unlike certain authors we could mention, hem hem. I should point out that Sophia doesn't really have different colour eyes; Ian did that. (By magic, as far as I can understand.) The trailer should be available on YouTube shortly, so please feel free to pass it on, share it and generally get it noticed by as many people as possible.

To Eastbourne yesterday, and a very enjoyable Book Talk morning organised by Michele and her team at the East Sussex School Library and Museum Service. Pupils from half a dozen schools in the Eastbourne and Lewes area listened to me go burbling on and on about Mortal Engines, A Web of Air and writing in general, and then asked some very good questions, my favourite of which was, "On a scale of one to ten, how ugly is Hester?"

I said that I thought she'd be probably be a seven or eight.