Bee meets Firefly

Clovenstone seems to be going OK - I'm about half way through and I'm starting to get an idea of where it might be headed - so, since the sun has been shining, I gave myself a day off this week and walked over to Heathercombe and back, stopping to do some drawings along the way.   It's good to be out for a whole day again, and although I was pretty tired afterwards it felt nice to have tired legs instead of just tired eyes and bot from sitting in front of a computer all day (for Clovenstone has reached the stage where it's mostly come out of notebooks and is being typed).  Heathercombe was a big tin mining area until the middle of last century, and although nature has reclaimed it it's still full of ruins, so I was able to tell myself that noodling around over there all day was actually good research for writing about the ruinous world of Clovenstone.

I'm also trying to think of things to do to mark the forthcoming publication of Scrivener's Moon.  A Web of Air, with its smaller scale and seaside setting, lent itself quite well to a video trailer, but a Scrivener's Moon trailer would need an almighty budget.  I might just try to come up with a series of blog posts about some of the themes of the book, and perhaps some drawings of the main characters.

And I finally got round to writing a piece about one of my all-time favourite TV shows, Firefly, on The Solitary Bee.  It was great fun to do and wasted far too much time, so please do have a read.  When did we start thinking of TV programmes as 'shows' and series as 'seasons', I wonder?  Oh, I remember, it was around the time that British telly became unwatchable and we all had to start buying boxed sets of superior US product...