Fever Crumb Audiobook

The Audiobook of Fever Crumb which I recorded last autumn is available now: here are links to the CD version on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com (although other booksellers are available, and I see that Amazon UK are quoting 'one to two months' as a dispatch estimate - surely some mistake?).  It can also be downloaded from such places as the i-tunes store, which might be rather quicker.

Anyway, whether you plump for the CD or some sort of databurp you get the whole book, complete and unabridged, and I put all my college comedy experience to good use by coming up with voices for the various characters (Bagman Creech was particularly hard on the voice box).  The Audiobook of A Web of Air is currently being recorded too - and by someone who will read it rather better than I could; more on this soon, I hope.