New Goodness from McQue and Poskitt

Concept artist Ian McQue is one of my favourite Science Fiction illustrators, and his excellent blog has just been updated with a spectacular new digital painting "Arrival at Sky Harbour'.  Ian's a Mortal Engines fan (that's his take on London, above) and this latest image reminds me of the feeling I was after when I wrote about the flying town of Airhaven - although Ian's trademark sky-ships don't need creaky old gasbags to hold them up.

Unfortunately I can't upload images from Ian's blog, but do click on the link above and have a look (if you click on the image itself you'll see a larger version).  I also noticed that there will soon be a 35mm kit of one of the Skyships, the Remora - which is definitely something I want to see dangling from my study ceiling on fishing-line before too long.

In other news, Murderous Maths magnate and WoME-ish god of something-or-other Kjartan Poskitt has a new book out: read my thoughts on Agatha Parrot and the Floating Head here.