A week of Sci Fi

(Or Science Fiction, if you prefer.  When I was a teenager, Science Fiction fans were as curmudgeonly as jazz buffs and used to think the term 'Sci Fi' a terrible insult, but I've always rather liked it; it captures the slightly hand-made, fun aspect of the genre which is what I always liked best about it. )

Anyway, this week I'm off to talk about my Life and Works to both Nottingham University Science Fiction and Fantasy Society (on Tuesday night) and the Oxford University Speculative Fiction Group (on Wednesday).  And to get myself in the mood I've been reading and reviewing Gareth L Powell's novel The Recollection over on The Solitary Bee.

I've also been putting together a Powerpoint with some images of the things that inspired me, in the course of which I came across this nice still from Terry Gilliam's masterpiece, Brazil.

I saw this film for the first time when it came out in 1985 and I suspect the seeds for Mortal Engines were sown there and then.  In fact it had such a profound influence on me that I'm still wearing the suit and hat, and if I could drive I'd be whizzing up to Nottingham in one of those Messerschmidt bubble cars on Tuesday.  As it is, I'll have to take the train.