GOBLINS Reviews & Reactions

Today is the International Day of the Goblin today - well, GOBLINS is officially published in the UK, which amounts to much the same thing, I'm sure you'll agree.  Here are some choice quotes from some people who've read it already.

“You know you are in the hands of a master storyteller when a dangerous yet frivolous fantasy world is brought to life with such imagination that it not only entertains and amuses - it actually seems real and makes its own curious sense. Phillip Reeve has created such a world in his marvellous new book Goblins… playful and witty... I wouldn't be surprised if there is a sequel and hooray for that because Goblins is an utterly charming delight and children will love it”

 "MoRe thAn wun HUNDRID sheets of Top-kwolitee Bumwipe! Perfickt for aLL your pooing nEEds'
Breslaw, Hatchling Master of the Blackspike Goblins

You can never guess what is coming next in the story. Instead you fall into it head-first… Highly imaginative… A fantastical world that only the best can ever dream of…There are so many ingredients that make this book so enjoyable to read…Clever and witty … Philip is such a great story builder. He constructs the most amazing worlds that manifest into something out of the ordinary… This story is action packed and full of great ideas… A captivating story… A good old-fashioned fairytale… What a brilliant family read - loaded with energy. Will we have more? I hope so”
Mr Ripley’s Enchanted Books

"Soft, Strong, and very, very long."
Squitter the Insanitary, Redcap Tower

“Wry and funny, with some gloriously slapstick moments, not to mention a few disgustingly icky ones… An exciting story, full of scary creatures and dangerous situations. All the traditional elements of the heroic ballads are there, from knights and magic swords to mysterious strangers and dangerous quests, but they are twisted and distorted into wildly funny new forms, so that the whole feels fresh and vivid... The appearance of any new Philip Reeve book is an event in the book world, and this one is up there with the best of them. Don't miss it!”
The Bookbag

"Very absorbent."
Modern Goblin Magazine