More Mortal Engines Art

Sorry for the recent break in transmission. There were some problems with the blog and the website last week, caused by those pesky Goblins - the news of a proposed Goblins movie brought so many extra visitors to both sites that the servers couldn't cope and they crashed. Huge thanks to Ian Forster at Graphic Alchemy and Andrew Southon at Lamp Web Design for sorting it all out; as far as I can tell from this end, things are now running normally again.

So, as promised, here's a second helping of recent Mortal Engines art.  These silhouette images are by Tim Denby, and he leaves it up to you to decide which cities they represent - I imagine the Guild of Navigators would have city recognition charts like these pinned up in their watch-towers and spotter airships to help identify London's prey.  I particularly like the bottom one with its twin stacks of tiers linked by a suspension bridge.

  You can find more of Tim's work here on his DeviantArt page.

And it case you missed it, scroll down or click here for Justin Hill's Mortal Engines images.


Candy Gourlay said...

Amazing! I'd love to see more Mortal Engines artwork!

Tim Knight said...

You have some incredibly talented fans, Philip. A city recognition chart would make a rather excellent poster ;)

Anonymous said...

That looks like that German biggy, Geseldenshcaft or something like it. It's the nasty shifty looking extensions that suggest that to me. JH

Anonymous said...

There will never be enough Mortal Engines artwork!
Also, I would totally buy a city recognition chart poster.

London Homer-Wambeam said...

I would also purchase one of these incredible posters and hang it above my bed because it is my favorite book series. Possibly another one for emergencies.

Anonymous said...

I would buy one too.

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