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Impossible Podcasts is a website devoted to Dr Who and all things fantastical and science fictional.  A few weeks ago they recorded an interview with me, which you can listen to here on their newly re-vamped site.  We talked about my books, YA and dystopian fiction more generally, Steampunk and its discontents, and, of course, Dr Who. Readers of this blog will know that I'm not a big fan of that show - but I think the reason it annoys me so is that it's full of stuff I like, so I'm frustrated that it isn't better: I still hold out hopes that some future producer will turn out a Dr Who that I can bear to watch.  Meanwhile, it was a pleasure talking to Caleb Woodbridge and P.G.Bell. Even if you don't want to hear me burbling on, you should definitely take the time to visit their website.


Dark Derek said...

Great interview your Reeveship. Fascinating to hear you explain how it all* came about. I have to say though that the way they have put their podcast together is rather bloody annoying. The stereo split is most off putting to the point where it's hard to concentrate on what everyone is saying. A complete left / right split is a ridiculous idea and wreaks of amateurs. Shame.

*'all' being your books and not the universe in general.

Anonymous said...

FYI, it may offend fans of the show that you keep calling it "Dr Who" and not "Doctor Who".

Philip Reeve said...

Hello dark derek. I don't know anything about the technicalities of podcasts, but they interviewed me over my Skype connection, which is pretty feeble and erratic, so maybe they didn't have the best recording to work with? Anyway, glad you enjoyed it.

And anonymous, I'd be happy to offend anybody who could be that easily offended.

Peter said...

Hi Derek. I'm sorry for the audio issues. You can blame me - I thought I had succussfully combined the stereo tracks into a mono one at the end of the editing process, but it clearly didn't take. This has now been rectified, so you should find it an easier listen!

Philip - thanks again for taking the time to speak to me and Caleb, and thanks for your kind words about the website!

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