Blog Problems

Hello! If you're reading this, I guess you're doing so on a mobile device, because on my computer this blog is taking ages to load even partially, and the website won't open at all (it all shows up perfectly well on my 'phone, though).  Apologies if you've had trouble with it.  There's obviously no point in me posting anything at the moment.  I shall try to get the problems sorted out as soon as possible.


EEwa said...

It loads fine for me. Maybe it's just your computer?

Philip Reeve said...

Thank you for letting me know! But unfortunately other people are having the same problem - not all of them, annoyingly, and not all the time, so its very hard to pin down what the problem is. I had to wait about three minutes for it to load so I could post this reply, and the header still hasn't appeared!

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