The Phoenix

If you live in the UK and you like comics you may already be of The Phoenix, a new weekly story comic which rose from the ashes of the late lamented DFC (or 'David Fickling Comic').  Like its predecessor, The Phoenix is packed with great strips , and has a nice mix of the funny and the thrilling, as a proper comic should.

My good friend and seawig illustrator Sarah McIntyre was a stalwart of the old DFC. Unfortunately she's too busy illustrating books (some of them MINE) to draw a strip for The Phoenix, but we agreed that she should write a strip for me to draw, and the result is JINKS and O'HARE - FUNFAIR REPAIR, a tale of rum doings at an outer-space fairground. I drew and inked it and Sarah did the colouring, and you can see the results for yourself TOMORROW (Friday 2nd November) when Issue 43 goes on sale. I believe you can pick up a copy at branches of Waitrose supermarket, or from all good comics shops (such as my local one, Gnash Comics in Ashburton). Or you can order it direct from The Phoenix website. And while you're there, why not try a taster subscription?


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