Home Again

Sarah, Sam and I have been in Menorca for the past week, and very nice it was too: they have SUN there and everything (also giant beach onion things, see pic above).

What they didn't have (or I didn't, at least) was internet access. It was very nice to be unplugged for a week, (and I still haven't properly got back on to Twitter or Facebook, so apologies if you've left comments or queries there) but it did mean that I haven't had a chance yet to post links to all these nice things...

Oi! Superheroes! NO!
First, a short piece what I wrote about Geekery for Laura Heath's 'Sister Spooky' blog. It was part of a whole 'Week of Geek' guest posts on the same subject, so make sure you check out the others too. Many thanks to Laura for asking me to take part.

Second, here is an interview I did recently with Laini Bostian for Cynsations, a very good YA literature blog run by Cynthia Leitich Smith, the author of the Tantalize bookss and many others.  It touches on subjects like gender and romance in the Mortal Engines series, Larklight, and Here Lies Arthur.  I'm very grateful to Laini for doing the interview and to Cynthia for finding room for it on Cynsations. The photos of me looking mysterious on the moor and trying not to laugh are by Sarah McIntyre.  And I've just found out that Laini is starting her own blog, Made Up Librarian.

And last but not least, illustrator Thomas Fummo has taken Sam's inspired casting suggestion for Doctor Who (as mentioned in my previous post) and made it the starting point for a whole set of Doctors (I'm not sure what the collective noun for Doctors Who is?). You can see the ones he's drawn so far on his blog.


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