Buckfastleigh Primary School's New Library

Every school needs a library, and it's always depressing when I hear about schools getting rid of them, or new schools being built without one. Here in rural Devon,of course, a lot of the schools are very small, and don't have much space for a library. So I was very pleased when Richard Arundell, the head teacher at Buckfastleigh Primary, invited me along last Tuesday to open his school's new, improved library.

I did an assembly with the school, too, but I didn't write a speech because I couldn't be bothered I thought it would be more EDUCATIONAL if we all wrote something together - so I asked for story suggestions from the children, and together we came up with the compelling tale of a puppy named Pongo who, on his very first day in the police force, foils an evil horse in its bid to steal the crown jewels.

Then off to the library, where I got to cut AN ACTUAL RIBBON (though I didn't get a photo of that bit...)

It's a lovely space, and full of good books; I think the school's many eager readers will be spending a lot of time in there.

Thanks for having me, Buckfastleigh Primary! And enjoy the new library!


Tim Knight said...

I think we need to hear more about Pongo.

Rich A said...

Thanks so much Phillip for opening our new library! Great entertainment and a real star!
Kind regards
Headteacher, Buckfastleigh Primary School, Devon

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