His Lyrics Are Bottomless...

Jeremy Levett, a good friend of the WOME (that's 'World of Mortal Engines' acronym fans) and my occasional advisor on things that go BANG, has recently turned his hand to Rap. What follows is his take on Fever Crumb, based on the theme-music for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, (which I'm afraid rather passed under my radar). If you haven't yet read Fever Crumb I should say that it includes spoilers.

Take it away, Jeremy...

Now this is a story all about how
My London started rolling round and round
And I'd like to take a moment, just sit right there
I'll tell you how I got tangled in this Web of Air

Down west of the Barbican, raised and bred
In mad old Godshawk's giant metal head
Chillin', Scriven fearin', engineerin' all cool
And all makin' some paper boys for the council's rule
When an army of nomads, they were up to no good
Started try'na mobilise my neighbourhood
Dr Crumb saw the Skinner mobs and he got scared
He said "you're ridin' in this heat-balloon, up in the air!"

I crashed down by a mono, and when it came near
The armour plate said "Movement" and had Stalkers in the rear
Took me up before Quercus, and I was almost scared
But then he sent me to my mum and she freaked at my hair.

Quirke cruised right into London, left Ted flat as a plate
Cracked a vault full of engines, said he'd make the town great
But when they got London rollin' I wasn't there
Ran off down south to Mayda, now I'm Fever in the air.

Maybe I'll record it one day and pop it up on YouTube. But perhaps not while I still have anything resembling a career. The nice picture of Airhaven is by an illustrator called Kirsty Mordaunt who has done a whole series of pictures based on cities of the WOME. You can see the rest at www.kirstymordaunt.co.uk

Bu the way, if you've been Following this blog, thank you! I've never had followers before, but now I can see how Garibaldi and those fellows got started; it's always very cheering to see a new square pop up in the side bar. More soon, but now I must go and sign and doodle in a big stack of Web of Airs for Anderida Books, who sell collector's first editions.