HeroPress Interview,

Back at the turn of the year I broke one of my own most basic rules by Googling my own name, to see if this blog was showing up on their listings yet. It wasn't, but I did come across HeroPress, which has since become one of my favourite blogs. Devoted to all things geeky (including Sci-Fi, Dr Who, comics and role-playing games) HeroPress is fandom at its most appealing; literate and amusing, caring deeply about the things it likes, but never taking them too seriously. I enjoy reading it even when it's talking about things that don't interest me at all, like comics, or scary-lookin' horror films. And happily for me the Acrobatic Flea, who runs it, is a great friend of the WOME* and regularly reviews my books. I've just done an interview with him to mark the publication of A Web of Air, and you can find it here.

*That's 'World Of Mortal Engines', in case you've just joined us.