News of the WOME*

*or 'World Of Mortal Engines'

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you may already know this, but e-book versions of the first four Mortal Engines books are now available, at least in the UK (U.S editions and a Kindle version are still being prepared).  Here's a link to them on the Waterstones website.

U.S actor and friend of the WOME Jeffrey Lamar has sent me a link to his page on Audiobook Creation Exchange, where he reads the opening of Mortal Engines as one of his sample pieces.  I hate listening to my own stuff, but I enjoyed Jeffrey's dramatic take on it, and I think his American accent rather suits it.   If you're an author or publisher looking for someone to voice an audiobook, take note!

It's good to see that Julia Zhuvleva's superb Mortal Engines animation has now had over 1000 views on YouTube - partly, I think, because my recent post about it was picked up by my favourite SF/Fantasy/horror/comics/RPG blog HeroPress.  HeroPress has since died and regenerated Dr Who style as I'd Rather Be Killing Monsters.  Long may it thrive in its new incarnation.