When I posted this picture of the mossy beech trees at Natsworthy Gate on Twitter someone pointed out that 'Natsworthygate' sounds like a scandal, and I suppose it does - some dark secret in the Natsworthy family's past which I never got round to mentioning in Mortal Engines.

Walking on the moor today, in winter sunshine, a cold north west wind and showers of rain and sleet, we saw nobody else at all, and it seemed odd to think that in a day or two I'll be in London again, fighting my way through throngs of Christmas shoppers.  Hopefully some of them will make their way to Foyles Bookshop on the Charing Cross Road, where I'll be signing books between 5 and 6 pm.  There are more details here on the Foyles website.  (The event is ticketed, but it's free, and you can come along at any point during the hour.)  I might be doing some drawings, too.

Straight afterwards (at a slightly earlier time than previously advertised) is the Kitschies Steampunk Christmas event at Blackwells, only a stone's throw from Foyles (though I'm sure these two fine bookselling establishments are far too civilised to actually throw stones at each other).  There I'll be joining in what looks like being a great evening, featuring China Mieville, Kim Lakin Smith and many other writers and artists.

Also in attendance will be Deadly Knitshade, whose book Knit The City I've just been recommending over on The Solitary Bee.  It's the perfect size to fit in a large Christmas stocking, and if you don't have a large stocking she can probably tell you how to knit one.

See you there!