Here's some Goblins fan art - in fact, I think it might be the first ever Goblins fan art!  It's a portrait of Skarper by Tam Wernham. I really like the way he's managed to take a lot of the elements of Dave Semple's very stylised illustration of Skarper from the front cover of the book and turned it into something that's full-colour and much more naturalistic.  Thanks, Tam!


Alexander said...

I imagined him to be a bit more green. But then again, that may just be due to the cover of the book.

Philip Reeve said...

My scanner was playing up, so this is a picture of Tam's picture which I took on Instagram - it may have toned the green-ness down a bit.

When I was writing Goblins I deliberately didn't imagine them as green, because I thought that would make them too much like Warhammer orcs'n'goblins. I thought of them as all sorts of earth colours. But as you know, the cover is as green as green can be, so I guess that's just the colour people associate with goblins!

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