The Mountains to Sea Festival

My first book with Sarah McIntyre, Oliver and the Seawigs, won't be out till this time next year - she's working flat-out on the illustrations at the moment. (Draw faster McIntyre! FASTER, I SAY!)  But we're already getting into the swing of doing events together, and next week we'll be packing our Bratapult and travelling to the Mountains to Sea festival in Ireland, where we'll join a frankly glittering host of book-world luminaries including Marcus Sedgwick, Steve Cole, Jeremy Strong, Chris Judge, Michelle Harrison, Steve Simpson, David Mackintosh and Robert Muchamore. 

Our joint events are already SOLD OUT, so if you have tickets already I'll see you there, and if not, bad luck - although I suppose if you're going to the festival anyway it might be worth checking if there any free seats on the day.  I'll also be doing a session on Ideas, Imagination and the Craft of Writing with 13 Treasures author Michelle Harrison, for which there are still a few tickets left.  It looks as if it will be a wonderful festival, with an amazing line-up of writers for both adults and children. If you're coming, seek us out and say hello!


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