Airships of the Traction Era

This is one of the images which appears in the new Traction Codex e-book.  Unfortunately, like all the other illustrations, its been reproduced there microscopically small, which is a pity, since I worked quite large and expected them to be hi-res images.  So in case you can't make it out on your Kindle-screen, here's a larger version (click to enlarge still further).  (This is my idea of what the WoME's airships look like, but I don't regard it as definitive because it's limited by my drawing skills. I'm always happy to see other illustrators' takes on my stuff, many of which look a lot better than mine).
1. Green Storm Air Destroyer
2. Twin-envelope 'sky cat'
3. The 13th Floor Elevator
4. Spice Freighter from the Thousand Islands
5. Murasaki Fox Spirit
6. Cruiser of the Anti-Traction League
7. The Jenny Haniver
8. 'Goddess' class passenger liner
9. Serapis Moonshadow
10. Spudbury Sunbeam
11. Experimental rocket-assisted Zhang Chen Hawkmoth Mk VI, firing its boosters on an attack run.
12. Heavier-than-air fighter, as used by the freelance air-forces of the Traction War.
13. Zhang-Chen Hawkmoth.


Ben said...

That spice freighter is pretty awesome!

Philip Reeve said...

Thanks Ben! Awesomely impractical, too, I expect - but I wanted to get away from the usual steampunk-y Zeppelin shapes...

Kaek said...

Awesome ships from an awesome future, i miss the Combat Wombat!

Philip Reeve said...

Oh yes... maybe there needs to be a whole Flying Ferrets spread if I do a print version!

Anonymous said...

the Jenny Haniver is beautiful. Just how i imagined it, if not better! Thank you for these beautiful stories and the worlds that they inhabit.

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