A Letter from Turkey

A protestor reads to the riot police. Image borrowed
from a great album of similar photos here.

It would be impertinent for me to comment on the situation in Turkey, because I know very little about it, apart from a few news reports.  But it seems more immediate to me than other recent world events because I've been corresponding with my Turkish publishers and translator about Mortal Engines, which is soon to be published there.  I've been wondering how the troubles in Istanbul were affecting them. Today I had this message from my publisher, which I think is worth sharing.

Dear Mr. Reeve,

We’re having strange days, in Turkey, sometimes dark ones, sometimes even terrifying ones (as tonight), but our vigilance and common sense will lead us somewhere good, we believe. Maybe you’ve heard; many demonstrations all around Turkey against the government is getting louder and louder each day. For more and comprehensive information: 

We are highly concentrated on spreading the information nationally and internationally because our mainstream media is silenced and censored. There are no information whatsoever in any channel except three or four independent ones. So, the social media became our “real media” and each user, blogger, web journalist and activist (on the field) is a source or carrier of information.

Visibility and being heard is Turkey’s upmost priority, right now. Because the government does not yet consider to step back and order the police to retreat. Many provocateurs, disguised as resisters or not, are helping them by attacking “real” resisters (which, believe me are extremely vigilant, peaceful and sober) and by ravaging bus stops, political party buildings etc. So the police create pretexts to re-attack. So, there are some moments where the movement becomes chaotic. This is why we need to press the government nationally and internationally -if possible- to take their forces back immediately. So any help will be highly and gratefully welcome.

Thank you, a lot,

Sincerely yours


Edit: Here's another blog about the situation which gives some useful background information. PR


Jack said...

I shall be keeping Turkey in my thoughts and prayers.

pinuccia said...

Being one of your fans in Turkey, I'd like to thank you for making a point of what is going on in my beautiful country. We really need to be heard!

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