Oliver & Iris

Way back in March or April Sarah McIntyre and I did this Oliver and the Seawigs puppet show - puppets and stage both made by Sarah, of course.We used it 'live' at the Oxford University Press sales conference, and Ed Beck and David Mead from MB Films filmed this version in Sarah's studio, The Fleece Station. I think this one was done first, and was a sort of trial run - I had a rather fetching Oliver hat by the time we did the sales conference. I'm still hoping it will ride again one day, but so far it's proved too cumbersome to transport to literary festivals.

In another Seawiggy development, I did an interview for a feature called 'Inheritance Books' on Mel Giedroyc's Four O'Clock Show on Radio 4 Extra. You can hear it here:

Coincidentally, Mel Giedroyc is appearing at the moment in The Opinion Makers, a new musical by my old friends Brian Mitchell and Joseph Nixon. I haven't seen it yet, but I have seen almost all the other plays they've written since the mid-1990s, like this one and this one, and I'm sure it will be brilliant. It's just finishing its run at the Mercury Theatre, Colchester, and will be on at the Derby Theatre later this month.

Oliver and the Seawigs, meanwhile, is available from all good bookshops.


K M Kelly said...

Just bought this for a friend's son - also called 'Oliver'. It's a beautiful book - great illustrations!

Philip Reeve said...

Thanks, Kate! I hope he enjoys it. It's the most fun I've ever had writing a book, and Sarah's illustrations are a joy.

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