A Short Intermission

There's a bit in the film version of The Man Who Fell To Earth* where David Bowie is watching loads of tellies at the same time, all tuned to different channels, and it looks like fun at first, but after a while it all gets a bit too much for him and he goes...


Well, having been on the Internet for a few years, I think I know exactly how the poor chap feels. So I've decided that the best way to get 2014 off to a good start will be to step offline for a while.

I'm not going to be a complete digital hermit. I expect I'll still post Instagrams, and any sketches that I happen to do; I may post the odd blog here, and I will be doing some guest posts for Girls Heart Books. And once Goblin Quest comes out in the spring and the Seawigs roadshow rolls back into action I shall probably return to Twitter, Facebook etc.

But until then, there will be a short intermission. Thanks for reading my stuff, if you have been. May 2014 bring you all that you hope for.


*Read the original novel by Walter Tevis: it's 10,000 times better.


Jack said...

Have a nice break! Those are always - or from experience - welcome. Getting away from the internet for a bit feels restful.

Philip Reeve said...

Thanks, Jack - I'm enjoying it so far!

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