Lego Cities on the Move

Here's a blog I've been meaning to write for ages, but haven't found the time.  Three completely separate Mortal Engines inspired Lego designs.  Here's one by Thomas Knight. It's 'Grimy and nasty to live on for the people working at the bottom, but decadent for the literal upper class. They even have a full ballroom.' Which sounds about right. Further details here.

Thomas Knight

And here's a detailed design for an entire Traction London by 'KDRCG'  (who did get in touch via Twitter to tell me about it, but I'm afraid I can't find their message - sorry KDRCG: if you'd like to be credited by another name here, leave a comment below and I'll change this). Many more pictures and a full explanation at the link.


And finally, Kirstine Roberts also Tweeted me with this array of Lego cities (and an entire, bijou Lego 'America or Canida'!) I'm not sure who the builder is, but the World of Mortal Engines salutes you!



Anonymous said...

Brilliant all, but particularly KDRCG's effort. Cheers. JH.

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