We'er All OfF to SuNy SPaNE...

...ElviVa EsPAnA! 

HeLo SofFtlinGs, the GoBBlinS of CloVenstOne heRe.  SoRry wee havs noTt bloGged for a longg tIme,  wee havs beEn busy doin a DIFFIKULT POO.

AnnywAy, here wee iz, to letT you kNo thatT GOBLINNS havs been pubBlisshed in suny SPANE, which is a skware countRy stUck on to tHe side of FRANCE. It is famUrse for GondoLas, BLue Fighting, and the Eiffefel TOWER, aNd nOw the soFftlinGs whoO livEs thEr caN reAd GOBBLINS tOo.  LoOk at thIs FaTNAstiCk coVer by Monica ArmiñO

WeE doN't whY shE havs put thOse soFftlinGs on itt whEn she could haVs bEen draWing hanDsom GOBbLINS, butT sHe havs doNe a LoVelTY paWtrate of KInG KnOBBlER On the BACK so wee wil LetT her oFf.

WeE hOpes yoO enjoYS the StoRy, SpAnish sofFtlinGs. Wee haVs notT redd it oursElfvs becos fraNkly weE could noTt be BOVVERED, buTt wee havs hErd iTt is VERRY GOoD.

And in OTHER NOOWS, thEr is a noo GoBBliNS burk cOmin out in tHe UK tOo!  ITt is calLed GObBLIN KWEST an itT wil be puBlishisHed in JOON. LoOk: itT is YELLO.


Anonymous said...

I love how this is tagged as "poo"! Congrats, Mr Reeve!

Unknown said...

ooo a new goblinz buke. Gud. I noe wot tow bye fer my boyez burfdee.

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