YLG Conference

I've had a busy weekend, so for blogging purposes it's going to be divided, like Gaul, into three parts.

It started in Birmingham on Friday, where Sarah McIntyre and I forced the delegates at the Youth Libraries Group Conference to draw Sea Monkeys and sing the 'Eep' song. I won't go into details about the conference and our event because here's Sarah's account of proceedings, and here's another by Zoe Toft, from whom (grammar) I pinched this photo. It's always a pleasure to attend the YLG conference and meet so many dedicated librarians, all full of ideas to get children reading.

That rounds off this autumn's inaugural leg of the Seawigs tour, but we're already setting up dates for festival appearances next year, including one at the Emirates Literary Festival in Dubai! They asked us to do a little video to announce our participation, which you can see below - we're at at the end, around 4:15, after all the grown-up authors. (And if I look a bit glum, it's because we couldn't find a camera person on the one morning we were both free to shoot it, so it's basically a video selfie and I'm concentrating on keeping us both in frame.)

And finally, did you know about the Tots 100 competition? Design your own seawig, and win a family portrait by Sarah McIntyre herself! Details here...


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