The Black Angel Rides Again

A few years ago I wrote a piece about Roger Christian's legendary short film The Black Angel.  The film has been 'lost' for most of the thirty-four years since its release, but - good news !- there is now a restored print. It premiered at the Mill Valley Film Festival in the US recently, and will be screened as part of the Glasgow Film Festival on 27th February. I can't make it, unfortunately, but it looks as if there are plans to release it via Netflix and ITunes next year (so I have a whole year in which to find out how Netflix works).

Here's a more detailed article about The Black Angel from Ars Technica.


Tim Knight said...

All the supporting features I remember from my youth were those rather odd Public Information films. I'd never heard of The Black Angel before this, but having read the article you linked I now have to watch it. Thanks for this information.

Philip Reeve said...

Yes, almost all supporting features were tedious documentaries about mat-weaving in Borneo or something. Sometimes you got a short drama, but they weren't usually up to much. But this one really made an impression - it supported The Empire Strikes Back, and maybe I was growing out of Star Wars a bit by 1980, or maybe I was in more of a fantasy mood, because I far preferred this!

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