There's A Shark In The Bath!

Another new year, another new look... I'm not supposed to be on the internet at the moment, but I've just popped back in a silly hat to celebrate the launch of Sarah McIntyre's new picture book, There's A Shark In The Bath, published by Scholastic.

It may be a bit young for most readers of this blog, but if you have small friends and relations, I think There's a Shark in the Bath will go down well. Sarah has done lots of picture books before, but this is the first time she's written her own story as well as drawing the pictures.

As you'd expect, it's fast, funny and very well told, and (although I obviously wouldn't tell her this for fear of making her big-headed) the pictures are wonderful.  There's lots more about it over on her blog, including this article on how to make your own Shark book.

The shark hat suits Sarah rather better...

(Oi, McIntyre, that's enough sharks, get back to illustrating our books!)


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