Oh Crumbs, Here It Comes...

...A batch of Beastly Battenburgs and Bad Bath Buns!

Photo: Sarah McIntyre
Sarah McIntyre and I have been doing some pre-publicity for our killer confectionary space adventure CAKES IN SPACE. As you can see, it's a very serious business, and we have a NEW LOOK.

Photo: Michael Thorn
Cakes in Space isn't out until September, though it can be pre-ordered now (there will be an official launch at Daunt's Bookshop in Marylebone High Street around publication day).  But it was good to have a chance to road-test our glam new spacesuits and try out the Cakes in Space song. Sarah did a brisk tour of newspaper and TV/Radio offices during the day, and I joined her for the last leg in the afternoon; you can see Sarah's blog about 'Operation Cake Drop' here.

Photo: Sarah McIntyre
And, in the evening, our publishers at Oxford University Press laid on a fabulous party at BB Bakery in Covent Garden. By happy coincidence, some finished advance copies of the book had just come in, so we were able to read a bit, and show off Sarah's beautiful illustrations.  There's a whole gallery of pictures by Achuka's Michael Thorn, who is seen here sandwiched between futuristic weirdoes...

And here's our Seawigs/Cakes team: designer Jo Cameron, publisher Liz Cross, and editor Clare Whitston.

Photo: Sarah McIntyre I think...
The costumes were made by Wendy Benstead, from Sarah's drawings. Mine fits me better than anything I've ever owned, so from now on I will always be dressing like this.


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