RAILHEAD Unveiled!

Here it is! The cover for my new novel RAILHEAD, created by Holly Fulbrook, Jo Cameron and the design team at OUP.

I'm very pleased with the the way it's turned out. Usually I like a nice picture on a book cover, but RAILHEAD is set on a dozen different planets, and features thieves and androids, exiles and emperors, insects and intelligent trains. That's a lot to sum up in a single image, so I think this approach makes much more sense.

'RAILHEAD' is a word which jumped out of the text at me while I was writing and demanded to be the title, so it's great to finally see it written in large, friendly letters on the cover. After four or five years of work, it's starting to feel like a Real Book.


If you have a Twitter account and you'd like to help spread the word about RAILHEAD,  all you need to do is:

1.Tweet an image of the cover and also change your avatar to the cover.
2. Tag your tweet #RAILHEAD
3. Tag @OUPChildrens

Everyone taking part will be in with a chance of becoming a 'Railhead Ambassador,' (!) and winning an invitation to an exclusive London event where I'll be giving the first public reading from the new book.

To download the cover on PC, right click the image and select 'Save Image As'.

On a Mac, hold 'ctrl' and click the image, and select 'Save Image As'.

RAILHEAD will be published in the UK in October 2015. 


Anonymous said...

Do I spy a Douglas Adams reference?

Philip Reeve said...

There's certainly a HHG reference in the above post, but that's not meant to be a hint about the content of RAILHEAD. It's one of my less jokey efforts!

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