Blog Changes Underway

I've been using the down-time between drafts of the new book to start making some changes to this blog.

Back when I first set up my own website I included a section called 'Reeve Recommends', which I intended to fill with reviews and articles about favourite books and films and things, particularly the ones which I remembered from my childhood and teens.  The idea was, I think, that people who'd enjoyed my books might like to know about some of my influences (apart from the obvious ones) and that younger readers who might not have come across these things could be given a nudge in the right direction.  But it's so much easier to update a blog than a website that I've hardly ever added to it, and most of the reviews that I do post have ended up here.

That is (as they used to say on Tomorrow's World) until now.  As well as updating this blog Ian at Graphic Alchemy has been designing a sort of sister-blog for it, which I hope to have up and running from the middle of next week.  It's called The Solitary Bee, and it's looking decidedly snazzy.  Henceforth all my book reviews, film-related burblings and random rants and ramblings will relocate there, leaving this blog to deal with my own books and occasional little meanderings about life here at Bonehill.

Unlike this blog, which is a strictly take-it-or-leave-it affair, the Bee will welcome and indeed encourage comments, and if it proves popular I may invite other people to contribute material too, though I'm not sure yet how that will work.

Meanwhile, things seem to be going well on the new facebook page, so thank you to everyone who's left comments and questions there.  I'll post a link to The Solitary Bee there and everywhere else I can think of as soon as it's ready for viewing.