Now We Are 50

I've been pleased to see the number of 'followers' of this blog slowly growing over the six months that I've been writing it, and now (unless we've lost anybody while I've been typing this) it's finally passed the 50 mark. Thank you all for signing up; you're much appreciated and I hope you find something of interest here from time to time.

Last week was a busy one: I've been trying to finish the latest draft of Fever 3 (which has a working title now, soon to be announced) and also making a start on Traction City Blues, my story for next year's World Book Day. Not only that, but it's been Sam's half term holiday from school, so I keep getting dragged away to play Warhammer or help build dens. And it's been really hot, so a certain amount of flopsying about has been occurring (I'm not really suited to hot weather). This week I hope to polish off the WBD story, and then I have to go up to London for a couple of meetings. Normal bloggery will be resumed as soon as possible.