Fever in Pickle Rye

Sam really has no idea how fortunate he is.   1: He's just had the first two chapters of my new epic fantasy read as his bedtime story (it's all right so far, apparently), and 2: he e-mailed Sarah McIntyre the other day to tell her how much he'd enjoyed Vern and Lettuce, and today a huge parcel arrived, full of drawings, comics, badges and a beautiful, hand-written, illustrated letter, including this Vern & Lettuce/Fever Crumb mash-up.  My own e-mail conversation with the excellent Sarah has just gone up on The Solitary Bee, and she has much that is interesting and witty to say: don't miss it!

In other news, I'm now the proud proprietor of a  'tumblr' account, and why?  Because Heropress has just set one up and I went to look at his and it seemed easier than doing any actual work, that's why.   Still, it may come in useful, (unlike the futile, time-eating Twitter) as I'm planning to use it for posting drawings and paintings, which might compel me to actually do some.  Huzzah!

Now all I need to do is knock out another chapter or two so Sam has a bedtime story on Thursday.