Mo-Bots in Widecombe

It turns out that while I was visiting Blackawton School last Wednesday comics artist Neill Cameron was visiting Sam's school here in Widecombe.  He was there as part of a new children's literature festival based in Exeter and called - only slightly wince-inducingly - the EXEtreme Imagination Festival (see what they did there?).  It's a pity the two events clashed, as I'd have liked to gatecrash Neill's talk, but I've heard nothing but good reports of it from teachers and pupils, and there are some photos on Neill's blog.   Sam came home with a copy of Neill's DFC book Mo-Bot High, which he has been reading avidly ever since.

Meanwhile, my attempts at landscape drawing have continued, slightly hampered by rain, fog and puppy- minding, but much encouraged by Sam's comics heroine and all-round pointy-spectacled fountain of wonderfulness, Sarah McIntyre.  While I draw trees on Dartmoor she draws other trees in London's Greenwich Park, and it's always a pleasure to see a new picture go up on her blog.