Traction Fortress

I was making some final adjustments to Scrivener's Moon last week, and now that it's off to the proof reader and then the printers I decided to relax by drawing Traction Fortresses.  The one above is inspired by photographs I've seen of fantastic wooden churches in Norway; precarious-looking stacks of towers and turrets covered in shingles like dragon's scales.  I guess this weaponised version could use a ram or some anti-boarding spikes at the front, but the perspective defeated me, and otherwise I think it comes close to what I had in mind while I was writing the new book.  This is a Traction Fortress of the Arkangelsk nomads; more primitive than the kit London's new masters use, but there are an awful lot more of the Arkangelsk.  I've used water colour and coloured pencils (neither of them very well, it must be said).