Fun with Facebook

Just a quick word about the Philip Reeve 'Author' page on Facebook.  Several people have asked me why they can't leave messages and feedback there.  Well, that's because it has nothing to do with me! It was set up by Facebook, without any warning or consultation, for who knows what creepy reason?  (Presumably just to ensure that Facebook crops up whenever anybody Googles my name.)  I've tried to 'claim' the page by filling in a form to prove that 'I am an official representative of Philip Reeve', but nothing happens.  The information about me on the page is taken straight from Wikipedia: I have no way to update it.  I also have no way to respond to the 600-odd nice people who have taken the trouble to 'like' this page. If you want to get in touch with me on Facebook, THIS is the page you need.  

Or, of course, you can e-mail me by clicking on the Beemail button at the top of this blog, just above the coffee cup.