The Year in Pictures

'Tis the season when bloggers everywhere sit down to do a round-up of their favourite books, people, movies & moments of the Year Gone By.  Only I can't be bothered, so here's a montage of some of the more memorable bits of my year (or, at least, the ones that I have photos of)... 

......including: snow; America; Dublin; volcanoes; kidney stones; drawing; Powerscourt waterfall; reading The Lord of the Rings to Sam, re-reading Patrick O'Brian to myself; my favourite book, film*, DVD, and comic of the year, the Warhammer craze; the tractor craze; the arrival of Frodo; a visit from Jeremy; the Legend that is Sarah McIntyre.  And lots of snow.  And a couple of books what I wrote.

(The links above are almost all to old posts on this blog or The Solitary Bee, so unless you're a newcomer - in which case, Welcome! - you may have read them before.)

It's been a pretty good year on the whole, though frankly I could have done without the kidney stones and the volcano and I wish we could have kept our lovely and much-missed next-door neighbours, Sam, Tam and Ian.  

I hope you've all enjoyed 2010 too.  Here's hoping for a happy, peaceful, and prosperous New Year all round.

*Avatar scrapes in by default because it was the only one I saw at the cinema.