Oxford Literary Festival.

I haven't had much luck on my last two visits to the Oxford Literary Festival.  It always falls at that just that time of year when I go, "Oho, clever me, I've made it all the way through the winter without catching the 'flu, thanks to taking all that echinacea and avoiding even the most basic forms of social interaction."  I then promptly catch the 'flu, and end up wandering about among the dreaming spires feeling like death warmed up.  It's also that period of springtime which I think of as the Tweed/Linen Gap, when the clothes which it seems sensible to wear when I leave Dartmoor turn out to have become suddenly unseasonal by the time I arrive at Oxford. 

Anyway, I'm going to give it a go again this year, so if you're in the Oxford area on Sunday, 3rd April you might like to pop along and see whether I'm stewing in wool serge or shivering in cotton twill, and what interesting upper respiratory tract infections I've brought along to share with my fans.  

Excitingly, it's a Blue Peter event, so proper authors like Lauren St John and Candy Gourlay will also be present, and the master of ceremonies will be Blue Peter Presenter Barney Harwood, which means I've finally managed to impress Sam ("What, you'll actually be meeting Barney!?"). 

Further details, and tickets, are available at the Festival Website.

One I Made Earlier: Blue Peter Favourite Stories
Location: Christ Church: Hall

The three shortlisted authors for the Blue Peter Book Award Favourite Stories category are gathered in the very hall that was filmed as Hogwarts Great Hall to tell you about their fabulous chosen books: Candy Gourlay, with Tall Story, the tale of a basketball-mad London girl and her giant brother from the Philippines, Philip Reeve with his futuristic/historical fantasy about unlocking the secrets of flight, A Web of Air, and Lauren St John with her mystery adventure, Dead Man's Cove. The event will be chaired by Blue Peter presenter Barney Harwood. Four special treats for the price of one. Free to Blue Peter badge holders accompanied by a paying adult.