It's Alive!

If you're one of the tasteful individuals who 'likes' the Philip Reeve page on Facebook you might already have seen this, but it's something I should have posted here long ago, so here it is anyway: an impressive mini-movie of everyone's favourite unstoppable killing machine, which also features all-too brief glimpses of Hester and what I take to be the control console of the Jenny Haniver.   It's creator, 'Wraithsmith' writes:

The animatronics, hard costume elements and shrike's prosthetics are my work, (I am also the unfortunate soul who got to play Shrike.)  The rest of shrike's costume was produced by Jenni Munday.  The actress playing the other character, (Hester Shaw,) is Alyssa Burnett, whose Prosthetic and costume were made by Isabelle Riley.  The interior set and cockpit was designed by Louise Hewson with the structure designed by Thomas Antony Lowthian.  This footage was filmed by Oliver Lloyd.

Mr Shrike will be returning for a tiny but hard-hitting cameo in Scrivener's Moon.