Questions, questions...

Cristy Zinn
South African writer and blogger Cristy Zinn got in touch a few weeks back via  I've enjoyed my correspondence with her, and I've ended up doing an interview for her newly re-vamped website
I also went up to Exeter yesterday and spent a very jolly morning talking to Tina, Gill and Abi on The Mighty Book, a monthly books programme on Exeter's community radion station, Phonic FM.  Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on a recording and make it available here.  Likewise the Skype interview I did last week with Bruno Accioly of the Steampunk Council of Brazil, to mark the publication of the Brazilian edition of Mortal Engines.

I enjoy doing interviews, but the trouble is that I keep finding myself saying the same things.  I haven't lead a very eventful life, and people who have read more than a few interviews with me will probably be sick of hearing about how I don't plan my stories out in advance and how I've been influenced by Geraldine McCaughrean and Asterix and Tolkein and Excalibur and Noggin the Nog...  The only solutions I can see are either to actually do something new which I can talk about in future interviews (Bungee jumping?  Ballet?  Learning to drive?) or just lying, which, as a writer, I'm quite good at.  So perhaps in future interviews I'll reveal how I wrote Mortal Engines while sleeping rough on a beach in the Gilbert Islands, and how I spent the Eighties climbing all the most difficult bits of the Andes.  

I might try out this new technique on Sunday next, when I shall be appearing with Candy Gourlay and Lauren St John at the Oxford Literary Festival.