Traction City Reactions

My World Book Day book Traction City is available in UK bookshops now, price £1 (for which you also get some excellent Chris Priestley stories, since the book is split 50/50 between the two of us.)  As I've said before, this is very much a stand alone story which had to introduce the Mortal Engines world afresh for young readers who may not have encountered it: I couldn't include any startling new revelations for existing fans because I'm still not sure how widely available this book will be outside the UK.  However, I was pleased to find some favourable comments from friends of the WoME over on Facebook.

Steve Ryland says: " was great to read a new story set in the time of the original books. It is a good introduction to the WoME but as someone very familiar with that world it was still interesting, for me, and good to see a side to London I hadn't really seen before. It also acted as a slight tease for Scrivener's Moon and beyond possibly I thought. A pleasure to read all round!"

..and Hester Shaw (who she?) says: "I enjoyed it a lot too. It would be very interesting to read more stories in this time period and more about Anna Fang as well."

So that's good!   The only carping comes from a Mr J. Levett,  who has unkind things to say about the distinctive pus-and-ketchup cover design.

I'd quite like to read more stories about Anna Fang too: it was nice to run into her again, and I was sorry it was for such a brief appearance.  So maybe one day...  But first I must finish off the Fever Crumb saga.  My main project at the moment is my fantasy novel Clovenstone, but I have scribbled a few pages of something called Fever 4, which begins with a young castaway being washed ashore on a South American beach...