MicroCon Exeter Update: Book Signing.

There's just over a week to go till MicroCon, so here's a quick word about my book-signing plans, or lack thereof.

The convention doesn't appear to have an official bookseller, although I was offered a table from which to sell copies of my various works.  I'm not sure what other guest authors will be doing, but I'd rather attend their talks and events than sit watching tumbleweed roll past while I wait for people to buy Mortal Engines, et al  - added to which, I couldn't carry very many with me on the train. (Curses! My advice to would-be authors: LEARN TO DRIVE.)

So if you are attending MicroCon, and you'd like me to sign copies of any of my books, I'll be more than happy to oblige, but you'll need to buy them in advance and bring them with you.  Most high street booksellers should have a few, including Exeter's two branches of Waterstones, and of course they're all available from internet retailers.

Even if you don't want stuff signed though, do come and say hello!