Spambot Roundup

Over on Twitter, the spambots just keep coming.  I've only actually had three of them since I last blogged on this subject, and one of those wasn't really trying - what sort of a name is Coffee Edd?  But lots of fellow Tweeters have been rounding up their own spambots and herding them in my direction, so here's another collection of potentially useful names.

Troublefield 2 

Yes, despite terrible viewing figures and career-worst performances from the whole cast, maverick cop drama Troublefield has been commissioned for a second season (the producer was at Rodean and Oxford with the head of BBC1). This time around, Troublefield and Glaspie are on the trail of international villainess Velda Kjar, and Troublefield's tangled love-life gets still more tangled as he is drawn to both glamorous local nite-spot owner Harmony Dance and feisty coroner Lawanda Cavison. He's also having a love/hate relationship new partner Gillian Hirlockir, a chunky-knit Icelandic detectress on secondment from Reykjavik PD. In a surprise twist that we can all see coming from the moment the first trailer airs, the real villain turns out to be suave business tycoon Tiffin Wilson.

The Name of the Spambot

Meanwhile over on ITV, a mediaeval whodunnit is unfolding. Be-wimpled sleuth Illuminada Wordlaw, Mother Superior of Spambotte Abbey, must solve the murders of Meagan Bess and Abbigal Gray. Suspects include brown-toothed Mummerset peasants Lance Goatherd and Willow Tuf, and local widow Dolores Cull, as well as prosperous merchant Mathew Wool.  A surprise twist reveals the real villain to be none other the squire, Sir Marlin de Boursiquot.

I've also discovered that Twitter is where the producers of the James Bond films find the names for their female characters.   Future Bond Girls will include Profeta Breed, Sabina Ballard and Missy Fujisama.  Other names which might prove useful in a high octane thriller include Chaya Gorenflo,  Xiomara Sodiman, Latrizia Hinostrosa, Lilia Hydrick and Shemika Stinsir.  But possibly not Rafaela Hefti.

Thanks to all the twitterers who have sent me these.  If you use Twitter yourself, it's well worth following @TinyLocomotive @ianarchiebeck, @gilibugg, @SaffronKim @TheCCaptain @jondwill @hierath77 @bahtocancer @NosyCrow @suzebain @CTD @JulieBertagna @shmack72 @frankwkelly and @kjstansfield

Apologies if I've missed out anyone, or any good 'bot names - Twitter is an ephemeral medium, and haven't had much time this week to keep an eye on it.

I won't have much time over the coming week either, as I'm off to MicroCon at the weekend, and then to exotic Twickenham for World Book Day.  Reports on both those soon...