Santa Pendragon and Four Rusty Knights

There's been a lot of interest in the items I posted for sale here a few days ago with the aim of helping to fund Mossy Hare's Excalibur documentary Behind the Sword in the Stone.  Thanks to everyone who has helped spread the word, and especially to those who have made donations and will be getting their signed and doodled-in books in the New Year.

Meanwhile, author and blogger Julie Bozza has written a nice piece about the crowd-funding campaign here. And my partner-in-Seawigs Sarah McIntyre has also joined the cause, rather gamely in her case since she'd never heard of Excalibur until she heard me going on about it. She's painted this fine Father Christmas/Sword in the Stone mash-up, which you can read all about - and indeed BUY -  on her blog.

And lurking in my cupboard I found this painting of four rusty knights which I must have done in about 1989 in the gouache/watercolour/indian ink style I used back then. The old piece of Daler illustration board it was done on is showing some speckles of damp around the edges, but the picture seems OK, and these knights are so rusty that a few extra splodges would barely notice anyway.  It's a clumsy thing in many ways, but I quite like it, and it's obviously heavily influenced by the spiky, spiny armour of the knights in the early scenes of Excalibur, so I'm going to make it the final item in my funding campaign: if you fancy owning an early Reeve original, pop over to the Indiegogo page and donate $75 (which is about £45). Then e-mail your receipt to me at and I'll sign the picture and send it to you.    SOLD.

Four Rusty Knights. Approx. 10x22cm  $75


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