2014 - A Year in Pictures (and old blog posts)

2014 has been a busy year. It began with rain and floods here on Dartmoor. I published the third of my Goblins books, and my second book with Sarah McIntyre, Cakes in Space. I visited Dubai Amsterdam and the Isle of Man. I did loads of events with McIntyre and made a belated and possibly ill-advised move into Glam Rock (we've really enjoyed working with the team at Oxford University Press on this book and our future projects). Meanwhile, my Sarah had a Significant Birthday, and played lots of banjo, mandolin and electric guitar. Sam went Scooter Crazy. Manchester was invaded by sea monkeys. I returned to illustration with Kjartan Poskitt's Borgon the Axeboy. I attended the excellent ArmadaCon, and was invited to help judge the new YA Book Prize. And I finished a new novel, Railhead.

It's been a busy year, and quite a good one for me, but it's been a bit rough for a lot of people I know. Here's hoping 2015 is a marked improvement. Happy New Year!


Tim Knight said...

Happy New Year to you and yours. Looking forward to Railhead.

Philip Reeve said...

And to you and Rachel! I'll make sure you get a proof copy, and hope we can finally meet up in 2015.

Tim Knight said...

Thank you (and yes, that'll be great)

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