Happy Christmas!

I'm off to Dublin shortly, to attend the first screening of Behind the Sword in the Stone, the Excalibur documentary for which I was helping to raise funding this time last year - I'll post a full report on here when I get back.  But since I may not have a chance to write it before Christmas, I thought I'd better wish you all a very merry one.  Here's a festive-looking picture of Dartmoor from a few winters back (it looks nothing like this at the moment, being mostly composed of mud and rain).

And if you keep an eye on Sarah McIntyre's blog (or follow her on Twitter) there should be some festive Reeve&McIntyre Seawiggery appearing over the next few days...

Happy Christmas!


Justin Hill said...

Is "Seawiggery" a valid nautical term?

David Bridger said...

Happy Christmas!

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