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Remember the amazing Mortal Engines concept art by Jaguar Lee which I posted here a few months ago? Well, he's still at work, and has just sent me some comics pages which fill in a bit of the books' backstory - from the Sixty Minute War, through the development of larger and larger tanks and tracked vehicles to the appearance of the first Traction City. (They'd also make a great title sequence for a Mortal Engines movie - the way they hint at so much history in just a few images reminds me a bit of the credits sequence of Miyazaki's Laputa - Castle in the Sky. And talking of unlikely flying cities, Jaguar has also done some work on Airhaven, but I'll save that for next week.

And while you're looking at these, you could have a listen to some music by Adam Wheeler, inspired by a recent re-reading of the Quartet.  Dramatic and earbending, it's based on the sound of a Traction City rumbling by.

Jaguar Lee's Sixty Minute War

All images © Jaguar Lee


Anonymous said...

It looks a bit Tolstoyish to me, but, I suppose there's nowt wrong with that as much post apocalytpic / dystopian stuff is regressive image wise. Good stuff, cheers - JH

Jack said...

That is some fantastic art work! I'm in awe!

Philip Reeve said...

Me too!

And Anon, I agree, it does look sort of Russian, but I swiped any bits of history which interested me while I was writing the books, so that's fine by me. I don't think Jaguar Lee has read any of them apart from Mortal Engines, so this is a whole alternative timeline really, though it's not unlike the nomad empires scenario I used in Fever Crumb.

Unknown said...

That is definitely some incredible artwork - I can't decide which version of the Mortal Engines world I prefer now! And an equally awesome piece of music as well - in fact, I went ahead and created some of my own Mortal Engines soundtrack after listening to it, based on the Great Hunting Ground and the traction cities traversing it:

Anonymous said...

This is really very nice art music i like it.

Thanks for Post.


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