Scrivener's Moon Out Now in U.S.

I just received my copies of the new US edition of Scrivener's Moon, the third Fever Crumb book, and, like all Scholastic's US editions of my books, it looks great. It is available from US bookstores and the usual online outlets now.

The review in The Horn Book magazine says, 'Readers of the previous Fever Crumb titles may be forgiven for losing themselves in her adventures and forgetting that they are prequels to Reeve’s 
Predator Cities quartet. But with Scrivener’s Moon there’s no doubt: it culminates in 
the brutal and spectacular birth of a mobile London (followed by an epic battle) and 
thus of the rapacious Traction Era so brilliantly evoked in Mortal Engines.'

And Kirkus Reviews says,

 'The third (and final?) Fever Crumb story reminds readers of the serious themes beneath Reeve’s 

often madcap, always entertaining tales. ...the rich worldbuilding continues to hold surprises, and the writing never falters.

Both of them have got hold of the idea that this is the final Fever Crumb book.  I sincerely hope they're wrong, as I have the first half of the next one sitting on my desk as I write this.  There may, however, be a lengthy wait before I can publish it, so if you haven't yet started on Fever's adventures I wouldn't wait till volume 4 appears. Fever Crumb, A Web of Air and Scrivener's Moon tell a story which is pretty much complete, although, like many of the readers who e-mail me, I still want to find out what happens to Arlo.


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